About Us

GSR Journals are a state-of-the-art idea of open accessing the journals and compendium that was once very alienated among the working class in the medical industry. We are a group of Avant-grades, researchers, and scholars combined with the Gen-x technologists to make the knowledge free for accessing in all grades of society.

The journals published on the website are very commodious for the medical professionals and researchers but the scope for exploitation is only limited by the verge of exploration, and it can be used by Industries, journalists, policy makers, government and even to educate the population.

Unlike other journal platforms we don't outlay the knowledge; instead we wire the knowledge breeder with another researcher's in order to contribute uprise of medical science. GSR Journals would help the research dynamics in:

  • Noninvasive Surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Disease & Epidemic control
  • Immunology & Medicinal Innovation
  • Neurology & Drug Interaction
  • Psychiatry & Physiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Radiology & Cancer treatment
  • Dermatology & Cosmetology
  • Anesthetic Improvisation
  • Oncology and Cancer research
  • Nephrology & Kidney care.

Our motives are to drain the sake of information to the needy, which can only be accessed from other international science communities in exchange for a fortune. For a faster pace in advancement in medical science, the knowledge should flow uninterrupted.

This motto gave birth to GSR journals which are open, free and peer reviewed journals shared by connoisseurs. The GSR editorial board comprises of best in class professionals in the country who are dedicated to making the knowledge flow divine.

Our allegiance in this initiation would help the politics of research to a further extent, which in this near future would lead to the growth of Research and Development sector in medical science.