Dose Down for the Extra Pounds:Continuous Spinal Anesthesia for the Cesarean Section of a Super Obese Obstetric Patient(BMI-98)

Continuous Spinal Anesthesia for the Cesarean Section of a Super Obese Obstetric Patient(BMI-98)
Author(s): Patricia Amolenda (M.D), Natesan Manimekalai (M.D), Harris Baig (M.D)
Morbidly obese obstetric patients pose clinical challenges to anesthesiologists. We present a case of a super obese (body mass index (BMI) ...

Risk Factors of Diabetes Mellitus Occurrence Gestasional

Author(s): Agussalim1 , Alfy Sahar Jacob, Harliani

Diabetes mellitus Gestational (DMG) is a disorder of carbohydrate tolerance happens or first known at the time of pregnancy is underway. This situation is common at the moment 24

Clinical Investigation of Sleep Status in the Elderly Occupational Population

Author(s): Hsi-Che Shen, Wan-Ching Chang, Zi-Hao Zhao, Yi-Chun Hu, Yu-Fen Chen and Tao-Hsin Tung

From the clinical view point, numerous factors may interfere with sleep- wake patterns in elderly population.

Are Changes Afoot? What Does The Future Hold For The Podiatric Profession?

Author(s): Harrison Travis*, Chris Morriss Roberts, Hannah Brown, Sarah George, Vinay Patel

The future of the profession is widely unknown due to the rapid implementation of new policies,leaving healthcare workers often in a state of uncertainty.

A Retrospective Assessment Of Tetanus Toxoid VaccinationCoverage In Nigeria: 2014 – 2016.

Author(s): Adamu D. Dawud*, Muhammad N. Lawal, Hussaina Abdullahi, Nneka Onwu, MurtalaBagana,Hadiza Iyal, Anthony Onimisi, Ali Daniel, Adeboye Simeon. Peter Nsubuga3andFaisal Shuaib1(co-authors)

This study explored medication prescribing, compliance, and adherence among cardiac clinic patients in Trinidad. Convenience sampling was used to select patients treated at a cardiac ...

Soluble Sortilin is elevated in the acute phase of Kawasaki Disease

Author(s): Masayuki Nagasawa*, Miho Ashiarai, Kazuaki Matsumoto, Keiko Onda, Mari Okada, Masako Imai, Natsuko Suzuki, Akihiro Oshiba, Tadao Iwasaki, Kazuyuki Ogawa, Hiroaki Hattori

Sortilin is a type 1 membrane bound protein belonging to the VPS10P (vacuolar protein sorting 10 protein) receptor family and presents in cellular endoplasmic reticulum and cell membrane....