International Scientific Research Journals| Peer-Reviewed Journals & Articles

Author Guidelines

GSR Journals are keen in augmenting the quality of journals being published. As a part of that, we have certain guidelines for the submission. Please run down the list to get a better idea regarding the eligibility and optimization guidelines to be followed.

Types of Entries accepted by GSR Journals

  • First Party Medical Articles
  • Research Compendiums
  • Review Papers
  • Mini Project Reports
  • Case study Reports
  • Editorial Reports
  • Editorial Letters
  • Short Guides
  • Peer reviewed commentaries

Submission Procedures & Format

Make sure the submissions follow below standards to avoid any disparity while referring in future.

Cover Letter:

The correspondent or author must prepare a formal cover letter to be produced along with the Journal. The cover letter must clearly mention the below requirements:

  • Complete Title of the corresponding paper
  • Legal name of correspondent and co-authors (if any)
  • Institution, Office or University Address with direct contact information.
  • Contact details of all authors and contributor. (Telephone, fax & Email)
  • A statement of approval from co-authors.
  • Notion behind submission.
  • A statement to declare that the authority of the work being submitted

Paper Format:

Resolution: The Journal should be prepared in an A4 resolution paper. However, the author may decide whether to follow double-column style writing or straight paper writing style. The fonts should be black, vivid with decent size and visibility, but legends and markers might use custom style and color. (Please let me know whether to add more guidelines based international journal standards.)

Heading & Authors Information Space: Please make sure that a header space is dedicated to adding the title of paper, all author's information (name, institution and email address.). This space must be at the top center of the journal in order to match the international standard.

Abstract: Abstract section must a 100 ~ 250-word long paragraph that mentions the idea behind the paper being submitted. However, this section varies according to the type of journal being presented.

Keywords: The author should mention 3 ~ 7 keywords which are frequently being used throughout the journal.

Abbreviation & Legends: This section shall include the expansions of short codes used in the paper and figures or representation with special meaning.

Introduction: Should be refined and subheading free, but can be arranged into paragraphs if necessary.

Materials & Methods: This section shall discuss the detailed information of materials used and methodologies employed in the study.

Result & Discussion: All the findings and output shall be included in this section with the aid necessary support documents, figures, pictures, diagrams, photos, tables etc.

Conclusion: Highlights and significance can be expressed through this section. Usually kept concise, but shall be expanded depending on the content.

Acknowledgment: All necessary people, institutions, universities and other external help shall be offered with a word gratitude in this section.

Reference: All other papers and journals referred must be mentioned in the reference section. Proper citation standards must be kept according to the region. While calling the reference to the body, it shall be seated inside '[ ]' eg: - 'studies by [3] will help in...'

List of tables and figures: If the entry is a research paper or case studies, a list of tables and figures with proper numbering legends shall be mentioned in this section along with their names.