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Editor Guidelines

Editor's board is entrusted to maintain the quality of journals being published. The board consists of a chief, along with sub-editors proficient in the area of medical science and related profession. The editor must review the journal before publishing in order to verify the quality, innovation on the topic, subject categorization, probity, relevancy and scope for research. Editors interest shall not be extended to personal gains, rather, be focused on making an unbiased decision regarding the paper being submitted.

All the contents shall be peer-reviewed by the editor to maintain scientific relevancy at the paramount. Upon receiving a paper, the office will forward the paper for editorial review based on the editor's field proficiency and interest. Please check the below guidelines to ensure ease of work.

Editors Responsibilities:

  • Editors shall assign the paper to 2 -4 reviewers for a review comment. Based on the review he/she shall prepare a basic judgment.
  • The editor shall take help from the office in case of unavailability of in associates.
  • The timeline available for peer-reviewing is limited, so the editor must devise a proper review plan for timely return.
  • A strict supervision should be made in order to perpetuate the principle by the author.
  • An editor can take any number of papers at a time depending on the strength of peer's available.
  • The editor has the authority to raise a query regarding the scientific validity or credibility of the content.
  • The editor can reject a paper after taking into account the peer comments and based on self findings.
  • They should encourage consistent authors and colleagues to forward journals to GSR.