Q1: How do I submit my paper to a GSR journal?

All papers must be submitted through our online Paper Submission System, in which the paper status can easily be tracked. A new user should apply for a new group of Username & Password to submit. All figures and tables should be combined with the text as a single MS Word or PDF for submission.

Q2: Should I use the template for submission?

You are suggested to format your manuscript according to our standard template. However, if you do not know how to do it, please just prepare your manuscript as required by the Guideline. You can find basic instructions under For Authors, Manuscript Preparation. Papers should be submitted to us through our Paper Submission System in MS Word or PDF version.

Q3: What type of file format do you accept?

Papers in MS Word or PDF is the format for submitting your paper to our Paper Submission System. After acceptance of your paper, you can send your revised paper in MS Word via e-mail to us.

Q4: Is there a word or page limit for papers published in a GSR journal?

Quality is the most important criteria for the acceptance of a paper. However, for the benefit of peer-reviewers and readers, papers should be as concise as possible.

Article Processing Charges

Q1: How do I pay the article processing charges for a GSR journal?

You can make an APC payment via Pay-pal, Bank Transfer, Credit card or Western Union. Detailed payment instructions can be found on the submission system. You can also ask the editorial assistant for any problems.

  1. If you make the Wired Transfer payment, please make sure that your Paper ID (mentioned in the email) is filled in the "attached statement", otherwise we cannot tell who has remitted the money. After the Wired Transfer payment, your local bank will return a receipt to you after the remittance. Do NOT discard it.
  2. If you make the Online Payment, please remember your order number or keep the screen capturing of payment if it is possible.