Global Scientific Research Journal of Anesthesiology

GSR Journal for Anesthesiology holds the key for modern day medical practices to be executed under no pain condition. The journal is flushed with information from around the world by professionals and researchers. A practitioner would use conventional techniques and follow the trend, where GSR anesthesiology journals report the latest findings regarding the usage of a particular drug, its effects, and aftermath. Now the anesthesiologist has gained theupper hand by devising newer strategies for pain suppression during surgery, medical emergencies etc.

GSR Journal for Anesthesiology shall be referred for polishing skills and ability to sculpt a better anesthesiologist for the industry. All the journals are peer reviewed & can be used as a professional reference or guidance tool. They also hold a scope for further studies, as well as motivating the primer to think a step ahead. GSR Journals are open access journals which can be used free of cost from any part of the globe.

GSR Journals of research publishes the list of topics below, however are not limited to them and can be expanded to all the relevant research fields:

  1. Cricothyroidotomy
  2. Monitors and Study
  3. EKG
  4. BP
  5. Oxygen Saturation
  6. Capnography
  7. Temperature: Hypo and Hyper Thermic
  8. Oxygen Sensor
  9. Stethoscope
  10. Fluid and Blood Therapy – Why give it and why so much?
  11. LR, NS
  12. Dextrose Containing Solutions
  13. PRBS, Components
  14. Surgical
  15. History and Physical
  16. Patient Preference
  17. Discharge Criteria
  18. VSS
  19. Respiration and ventilation
  20. Pain
  21. Ant nausea Regiment
  22. Self-Management
  23. Obstruction
  24. Vomiting – gastric insufflation/cricoid pressure
  25. Nasal Airways
  26. Oral Airways
  27. Instrumentation of Airway
  28. Airway Assessment
  29. Advantages of endotracheal intubation-protection, etc.
  30. Disadvantages of endotracheal intubation-irritation, etc.
  31. The Difficult Airway – Emergency Techniques
  32. Laryngeal Mask
  33. Hetastarch, Plasmanate, Albumin
  34. General Versus Regional Versus MAC

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