Global Scientific Research Journal of Fever

Global Scientific Research Journal of Fever is a peer reviewed, open access, multidisciplinary, academic journal that publishes papers of the highest quality and importance in all disciplines of Fever and Infectious Diseases. The Open Access Journal covers research in the Virus Research, Virus Genes, and Advances in Virus Research, Virus Adaptation and Treatment, Influenza Viruses.

GSR Journal of Fever also covers, the differential diagnosis of fever in the tropical world has to include Rickettsial diseases, apart from usual malaria, dengue, enteric fever, leptospirosis, and viral hemorrhagic fevers.

Journal that covers following topics but not limited to the following areas:

Journal of Fever provides a forum for Classification:

  1. Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
  2. Fever Therapy
  3. Rheumatic Fever
  4. Yellow Fever
  5. Typhoid Fever
  6. Hyperthermia
  7. Pyrogens
  8. Fever Phobia
  9. Viral Fever
  10. Intermittent Fever
  11. Remittent Fever
  12. Continuous Fever
  13. Relapsing Fever
  14. Tertian Fever
  15. Quartan Fever
  16. Inverse Fever
  17. Night Sweats
  18. Relative Bradycardia
  19. Malaria
  20. Kala Azar
  21. Filariasis
  22. Cholangitis
  23. Septicemia
  24. Infective Endocarditis
  25. Pneumonia
  26. Meningitis
  27. Chicken Pox
  28. Small Pox
  29. Measles
  30. Typhus
  31. Diphtheria
  32. Typhoid

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