Global Scientific Research Journal of HIV/AIDS

Global Scientific Research Journal of HIV/ AIDS is an open access, peer reviewed Journal covering the emerging challenges in HIV treatment. The Journal helps to understand better about the HIV/AIDS, its effects upon the body, the immune responses raised by the body as a defense and focusing upon the major aspects of the study including clinical, physiological and molecular level of the research.

The scope of the journal includes but not limited to following areas:

  1. History of HIV/AIDS
  2. Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
  3. Signs and symptoms
  4. HIV
  5. Structure and Genome of HIV
  6. Subtypes of HIV
  7. Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS
  8. CDC Classification System for HIV Infection
  9. HIV Disease Progression Rates
  10. Management of HIV/AIDS
  11. Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  12. HIV/AIDS Research
  13. Who Disease Staging System
  14. Countries by AIDS Prevalence Rate
  15. Circumcision and HIV
  16. Economic Impact
  17. Sex Education
  18. HIV/AIDS Denialism
  19. HIV Drug Resistance Database
  20. HIV Superinfection
  21. Super AIDS
  22. AIDS Dementia Complex
  23. Tuberculosis Coinfection
  24. HIV-Associated Nephropathy
  25. HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy
  26. HIV-Associated Pruritus
  27. Gay Bowel Syndrome
  28. Diffuse Infiltrative Lymphocytosis Syndrome
  29. AIDS Defining Clinical Condition
  30. History of HIV/AIDS
  31. Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
  32. Whoonga
  33. Antiviral Therapy
  34. Opportunistic Infections
  35. Alternative Medicine

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