Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Prof. Li Ming Wen, MD, MMed, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor,
School of Public Health,
University of Sydney,

Editorial Board Members

Dr. Meenakshi Devidas, PhD
Professor & Program Director ,
Colleges of Medicine, Public Health & Health Professions,
University of Florida,
Dr. Qing Li, Ph.D.,
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry,
Department of Psychiatry,
California Northstate University College of Medicine,
Texas Southern University, Houston, TX.USA.
Annelie Gusdal RN, DN
Senior lecturer
Public Health Sciences
Mälardalen University
School of Health, Care and Social Welfare
Box 325, SE-631 05 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Dr. R. Mauricio Barría P.
Faculty of Medicine,
Universidad Austral de Chile,
Campus Isla Teja,
Valdivia – Chile.
Michael W. Popejoy, PhD, MBA, MPH, MHSA
Vice President for Community Health and Senior Grants Coordinator,
The Phoenix Mission,
American Society for Public Administration,
Orlando, FL.,
Department of Epidemiology,
The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health,
Baltimore, MD, USA
Dr. Bodzewan Emmanuel Fonyuy
Dr. Bodzewan Emmanuel Fonyuy,
Public Health Expert, Consultant
Department of Public Health,
Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon National,
Dr. Tao-Hsin Tung, PhD.
Researcher and Associate Professor,
Department of Medical Research and Education,
Cheng-Hsin General Hospital,
Taipei, Taiwan.
Dr. Michael J Gonzalez
School of Public Health, Department of Human Development&Nutrition Program,
University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus,
San Juan,
Puerto Rico.
Rabiul Ahasan, PhD
Associate Professor,
Department of Public Health / Community Medicine / Gerontology,
Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin,
Terengganu, Malaysia.
Dr. Fengxiang Qiao, Ph.D.,
Affiliated professor in the Department of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences,
Professor in the Department of Transportation Studies,
Texas Southern University,
Houston, TX, USA.