GSR Journals of Case Reports are information and data that are been submitted by the author after a relevant examination of the fundamental research topic. The case report holds vital information for improving, upgrading, and even banning conventional clinical practices followed, until. The clinical validity of the case report is systematically validated by peer reviewing and editorial board, to publish scientifically apt information. The GSR journal of the Case report holds scope for further studies and research in various fields like microbiology, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, anatomy, etc.

GSR Journals of Case reports shall act as a better guide for improving techniques and will help the professional to demand a change in the techniques been employed till the day. Since the data are peer reviewed& validated, they shall be used for research guidance and reference. All the contents can be accessed free of cost from any part of the world since the GSR offers open access provision.

GSR Journals of Case studies publishes original research, latest developments, review papers, scientific data, editorials from leading scientists and scholars around the world including but, not limited to the following subjects or relevant fields.

  1. Clinical Case Studies
  2. Clinical Trials Data Management & Software
  3. Quality Assurance & Data Auditing Methodologies
  4. Biostatistics
  5. Clinical Trial Methodology
  6. Clinical Research & Bioethics
  1. Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Trials
  2. Drug Clinical Trials
  3. Preclinical Trails
  4. Clinical Practice Guidelines
  5. Clinical Trials

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