Global Scientific Research Journal of Infectious Diseases is open access, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal that covers all the infectious diseases caused by various pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, parasites, or fungi. The Journal mainly covers the transmissible and communicable diseases, advancements being updated in improving the existing treatment. It also includes Zoonotic diseases that cause deadly infections.

The scope of the journal includes but not limited to the following areas:

  1. Pandemics
  2. Epidemics
  3. Emerging Diseases
  4. Clinical Virology
  5. Clinical Mycology
  6. Clinical Bacteriology
  7. Zoonotic Infections
  8. Airborne Disease
  9. Medical Bioinformatics for Infectious Diseases
  10. Biological Contamination
  11. Blood-borne Disease
  12. Coinfection
  13. Copenhagen Consensus
  14. Disease Diffusion Mapping
  1. Infectious Disease Dynamics
  2. Infectious Disease Eradication
  3. Infectious Disease in the 20th Century
  4. Pathology
  5. Neglected Diseases
  6. Nosocomial Infection
  7. Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM)
  8. Threshold Host Density
  9. Tropical Disease
  10. Waterborne Diseases
  11. Foodborne Illness
  12. Globalization and Disease
  13. Human Microbiome Project
  14. Infection Control

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