GSR Journals are open membership which is to support Worldwide Medical Researchers giving a great source to proceed with the publication without any hassle process.
Our Membership is designed so conveniently to publish articles/short notes/ manuscripts which are available to Students/Professors/ Individuals, Universities, and Companies.
The membership is designed such a way that, the members will be comfortable in having a great saving grant on the APC (Article Publication Charges).

Membership Annual Two Years Three Years
Individual USD 3000 USD 4500 USD 6000
Department USD 5000 USD 7500 USD 10000
University/ Institutional USD 7000 USD 10500 USD 14000
Corporate USD 9000 USD 13500 USD 18000

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You will get an Honor Esteemed Certificate for an Academic Membership. We give the best privilege to the authors due to it's convenient and flat annual fee for unlimited articles that can be published in the journal. Your membership application should be accompanied with a clear explanation regarding the grounds on what is the membership taken for.