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Publication Ethics

GSR Journals have certain publication ethics in order to ensure the highest of quality and legal validity of the content being put out. All papers are sent through a multitude of quality analysis processes in order to deem them fit for international standards. Our stern evaluation process gives a world class impression among the journal users and thus GSR stands a symbol of quality and trust.


If the contents submitted are found to be overlapping with any other previously published work, then the paper will be rejected without a second thought. GSR has a highly qualified quality control team of experts who take the aid of the latest software tools to check the uniqueness of content and its quality.

False data fabrication

If any of the content is found to be fake or fabricated, it will lead to the rejection of the paper. The papers are reviewed by industry professionals and experts in order maintain strict quality. So any implication of false data will lead to rejection. This includes the data tampering, faking images, tables, figures, methodologies etc.


GSR offers high confidentiality for the papers till the publication phase. Upon submission, the paper is made anonymous by allotting codes before sending for the review process. Whereas the reviewer’s are instructed with certain guidelines to protect the confidentiality of the paper.

Human and Animal Rights

Authors are duly requested to imply the status of living volunteers associated with the paper. If incase any live matter is used in the project they must submit an authorization document obtained from the respective institution, which should satisfy all legal constraints for using humans and animals. Any paper without proper documentation involving human volunteers will be rejected on the evaluation phase.

A Disclaimer : Failing any of the above conditions will result in the non-publication of the paper. The author making consistently failed submissions will be blacklisted and won't be allowed to associate with GSR in the future. Any legal disparities should be discussed with the editorial office.