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Reviewer Guidelines

A Reviewer has to be a person who is working or has worked in the respective field of medical science. It is the reviewer’s vote, which is being taken into account by an editor to decide the publication strength of the journal. GSR follows a covert tag paper system, where the reviewer only receives the body of the paper.

All credentials will be removed in order to maintain quality and to receive an unbiased review. The reviewer should not outsource the process, however, may take the guidance of seniors or associates if any. Please run down the below guidelines to improve the reviewing process.

Reviewers Responsibilities

  • Upon receiving the paper from editorial office, the reviewer shall thoroughly graze the content and report back an attendance status whether they can take it up or not. A maximum of 2 days will be allotted to report attendance.
  • The reviewer has no authority to edit or contribute to the content,however, they might suggest necessary changes to improve the quality parameters.
  • Reviewer must validate the contents and its scientific credibility using their proficiency in the medical field.
  • Any doubts or queries on the content shall be verified by experts.
  • A review must be done along with relevant comments and should be reverted back within 10 days of allotting.
  • A reviewer shall give a score for the paper on a scale of 10, along with necessary suggestions for the editor to work with.
  • No tampering or sharing of the paper should be done and confidentiality must be prioritized during the reviewing phase.